Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

For the first time in 20 years, I can wear my lenses without my eyes getting red and irritated. Thank you for your patience. I'll always be your patient!

- Best, Harry R.

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

Thank you SO MUCH for your time and attention in creating my custom contacts. Your precision is unparalleled and I really appreciated the helpful knowledge you shared with me.

- Ariel H.

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

Thanks to all of you for the professional and fun experience during my recent visit. While accompanying my wife on her scheduled visit, I decided to take care of my overdo eye exam (my 1st experience with 10/10 Optics). I believe that my exam by Dr. Rozenberg was the most thorough and best that I have ever experienced. I am very happy with the entire experience. I look forward to future visits…

Again, my thanks,

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

I have never seen better in the 22 years I've been wearing glasses. Their lenses are really clear and sharp. Also, Dr. Rozenberg has worked VERY hard to fit me in contact lenses for super strong astigmatism, and he is the first doctor to have succeeded. Now I wear contacts a lot!

- Erin Q

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

Wanted to write to you briefly to tell you that I am finding the contacts to be a blessing. I am comfortable wearing the lens and find them awesome :)

The vision experience is high definition (i.e., 10/10) with perception of depth being constant. - And getting better with each day of use. This is phenomenal. I could write to you all day...

- Amir Ljulja, Lab Clerk


Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

The optometrist Dr. Stephen Rozenberg is excellent. Just like the rest of the staff he is there to make sure everything is correct and comfortable with lenses, and frames. I'm going to talk to him now about contacts that actually correct your eyes for a day when you wear them overnight!

I highly recommend going here for all you glasses/contact needs!!

- Samantha G

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

10/10 Optics was a great find! We were in the city for the Holidays, and my 9-year-old daughter forgot to bring her glasses. She was ready for an updated prescription anyway, and I knew she wouldn't be able to see the shows we had planned. I called for an appointment, and they got us in the same day.

The staff was super friendly, and Dr. Rozenberg was not only great with kids but very informative about my daughter's long-term vision treatment. She found some super cute frames, and the glasses were ready the next day -- Christmas Eve! Thanks a million Dr. Rozenberg!!

- Amelia A

Dear Dr. Rozenberg,

Your new website looks great. Congratulations.

My vision continues to improve with the second set of Ortho-K lenses. Distance is near perfect when it’s sunny out, and I’m writing this email without glasses. Amazing.

I will stop in for a check-up in a month.

Thank you for everything.

Have a wonderful holiday...

- Jeff