“Using the finest instrument doesn’t guarantee you can play beautiful music.  A gifted artist draws upon many years of experience and practice.  In the same way, I apply decades of knowledge and hands-on artistry to design tear layers that work in harmony with rigid lenses to provide clear, comfortable, healthy vision.”

Dr. Stephen Rozenberg

As an early pioneer in rigid lens technology, Dr. Rozenberg has vast experience in the subtle nuances of designing the optimal tear layer for each patient. The resulting custom lens is a miniature piece of art – that provides clear, healthy vision.

How is a tear layer designed?

It’s an art, fine-tuned by decades of experience.

  1. Unlike mass-produced rigid lenses, there are infinite possibilities in creating a custom rigid lens. Dr. Rozenberg starts by designing a new tear layer to mirror the contours of your cornea, providing unmatched comfort and sharper vision with your rigid lens. Dr. Rozenberg designs each tear layer by making micro-adjustments against the curves and elevations of your corneal map.  He fine-tunes the tear layer based on how he wants the tears to work with your new rigid lens.  
  2. The software sends the new tear layer blueprint to a computer attached to a lathe that produces the lenses.  The tear layer design dictates the precise diameter, thickness, base curve, and the many multiple peripheral curves and edges of each lens, across each meridian. Like your corneas, each lens is unique and customized.
  3. Dr. Rozenberg then monitors each patient over the first three months to ensure the tear layers are performing optimally.  Some patients will need adjustments in a tear layer, resulting in a new rigid lens; others will stay with the original design.

A properly designed tear layer works in harmony with your natural corneal metabolism and custom rigid lens to provide clear, sharp, comfortable vision.